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Attic Contractors in San Jose, CA

Attic Contractors in San Jose, CAInsulation and Rodent Proofing Services in San Jose, CA

Like every other corner of your home, attics and crawl spaces in San Jose must be serviced. However, attic insulation, crawl space insulation, air ducts, and rodent prevention systems like rat traps and sealants, are what make attics and crawl spaces especially tedious to deal with DIY methods. 


Add on the fact that rodents such as rats, raccoons, squirrels, and possums are constantly trying to get into the warm, food rich environment that is your house, through holes and sewer pipes. They may even eat their own holes. Plus, how often are we even up in our attics and crawl spaces? These are just a few reasons why residents of the Bay Area should consider calling Attic Contractors of San Jose, CA.


The best part of our service is we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we work on your property to prevent rodents from coming in, and you have a rodent problem in the future, we will come in and remove them, and set up another layer of defenses, free of charge.


Our team of professional rodent-proofers and attic and crawl space contractors are trained to clean up every nook and cranny of your home, to close even the tiniest holes that rodents could get into, and to install and replace air ducts, vapor barriers, insulation, and more. Not to mention, our team has expertise in preventing rodents from getting into your home, cleaning up dangerous rodent droppings, and rodent extermination. Call (408) 709-1002 today for your free quote.


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Here is a brief list of some of our services:

-Air duct replacement
-Air duct repair
-Air duct installation
-Crawl space insulation replacement
-Crawl space insulation removal
-Crawl space insulation installation
-Attic fan insulation

-Rodent proofing
-Rat prevention
-Rat control

-Crawl space cleanup
-Crawl space sanitization and decontamination

-Vapor Barriers
-Batt Insulation and Roll Insulation

-Attic insulation replacement
-Attic insulation installation
-Attic insulation removal

-Foam board insulation
-Loose-fill insulation
-Spray foam insulation
-HVAC systems contracting


Our Services

Attic Services in San Jose - Crawl Space Insulation
Attic Services in San Jose - Thermal Imaging Inspection
Attic Services in San Jose - Crawl Space Insulation Replacement

For all your attic and crawl space needs in San Jose, CA, Attic Contractors of San Jose is here for you. From vapor barriers and insulation replacement to air duct repair and rodent prevention, our services are carried out to a gold standard of quality, with emphasis on communication with our customers. Typically in and out by the end of the day, our contractors are punctual, considerate, and skilled in everything we offer. Read below for a more in-depth list of our services, or visit any one of our dedicated services pages to learn more.

Crawl Space Cleanup

Attic Cleanup

Rodent Control and Prevention

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Crawl Space Clean-up: Attic Contractors of San Jose offers a full sanitation service of your crawl space - any size, and scope is okay for us. We are always at the ready to take on any project. Regardless of what needs to be cleaned out, we are capable and willing to do the job for you. Rodents can leave your crawl spaces a total mess with their carcasses, droppings, and chewed up insulation or wiring. If droppings get too close to an air duct, they can carry harmful diseases throughout the air of your house. Our crawl space cleaning crew is second to none. If you choose us to clean your crawl space, you can expect us to leave your home spick-and-span: no rats, no droppings, no chewed up material, and no garbage. We also take care to find and fill all holes, and other areas where rodents, insects, or water can come in.

Attic Clean-up: Similar to our crawl space cleaning service, our attic cleaning deals with sanitizing your attic, removing all traces of rats and other rodents, cleaning up trash and cleaning destroyed wiring, air ducts, and insulation. Holes are promptly filled, and we make sure to analyze each air duct to make sure that they’re functional and not going to break or cause hazard in the future. Attic Contractors of San Jose has experience in attics small and big, across the Bay Area. Through our great communication with customers, our high-quality work, and our decades of experience, we have been able to perform attic cleaning services in San Jose, CA as some of the most trusted attic contractors for years.

Rodent Control and Prevention: The theme of our services is rodent proofing and prevention. While offering rodent control and extermination, we mainly use our skills in attic contracting and crawl space contracting to reduce the chance that rodents will infiltrate your home, and to prevent any harm caused from continuing to harm your home and health. By fixing ventilation and insulation crawl spaces and attics, we reduce the effect that rat droppings and carcasses can have on your health. We may also set up rat traps. We offer services for all rodents, including raccoon removal in San Jose. Our team of rat control professionals make sure to spot any holes in your crawl spaces and attics that rodents may squeeze into or eat through. Call (408) 709-1002 today for rat control services and rodent prevention.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection: Using advanced modern technology, we are able to scope in on issues in your home through the walls, using thermal imaging devices to inspect your walls, attics, and crawlspaces to find areas of intense heat that indicate problems in ducts, insulation, and can also pick up rodents in your home. Other names for this are IR home inspections, or thermal home inspections.

Attic Services in San Jose - Rodent Control and Prevention
Attic Services in San Jose - Attic Cleaning
Attic Services in San Jose - Crawl Space Insulation Installation

Attic Insulation Contracting

Crawl Space Insulation Contracting

Air Duct Contracting

Air Duct Cleaning: Having clean air ducts not only helps ventilation throughout your home, but in certain cases, it helps you avoid harmful diseases that can be carried from rodent droppings, through ducts, and around the house. If you and your housemates are constantly getting sick and don’t know why: please call (408) 709-1002 immediately for an air duct inspection. You may need a cleaning immediately. Lint can cause obstruction and rat pellets can cause diseases - don’t take the risk. Call us today for your free quote on our air duct cleaning service in San Jose.

Air Duct Replacement and Repair: Sometimes, air ducts are destroyed by the nibbling of rodents in your attic or crawlspace. Other times, the wear and tear of time ends up getting to your ventilation system. Or, you’re building an entirely new house and need air duct installation in San Jose, CA. Either way, air ducts will all, at some point, need replacement or repair. Attic Contractors of San Jose are ready to take on these kinds of jobs. All types of ducts, all sizes and lengths, and in all locations. Call (408) 709-1002 today for your free quote.

Attic Insulation Installation: Attic Contractors of San Jose are your go-to team for all insulation needs - attic insulation installation and replacement included. Attic insulation contractors are typically needed for projects where previous insulation has been removed due to damage or droppings from a rat or another rodent, or to make sure there aren’t any droppings inside or under the insulation. It is also used for the construction of new homes. We offer insertion of loose-fill insulation for those hard-to-reach places, as well as insulation batts, insulation rolls. We offer foam board insulation up and down the house, as well as spray foam insulation and vapor barrier setup and installation.

Attic Insulation Replacement: We replace just as much insulation as we can insert. All home insulating materials can be replaced by Attic Contractors of San Jose - spray foam, vapor barriers, foam boards, insulation rolls, insulation batts, and loose-fill insulation. We offer replacement and repair of vapor barriers as well. Replacement is often needed when rodents infiltrate the attic, leaving droppings, carcasses, and torn up insulation, ducting, and wiring.

Air Duct Replacement in San Jose, California
Crawl space cleaning San Jose
Attic Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Crawl Space Insulation Installation: Crawl space insulation is just as important as attic insulation - and uses the same types of insulation. Our crawl space insulation installers are equipped and capable of inserting all types of insulation: spray foam, vapor barriers, foam boards, rolls, loose-fill, batts, and, of course, vapor barriers. San Jose residents feel safe choosing us because they know that quality insulation keeps harmful rodents and pesky insects out, and keeps warmth in. Experienced in crawl space contracting, our team is ready to handle all sizes and shapes of crawl spaces in San Jose.

Crawl Space Insulation Replacement: Crawl spaces are just as easy for rodents such as rats, raccoons, and possums to infest as the roof. However, insects have a much easier time on the ground and under the ground - hence why air tight crawl spaces with proper insulation are key for keeping a safe and warm house without creepy crawlies everywhere. When rats leave droppings, die in traps, or suffocate in the various rat-unfriendly materials that exist in crawl spaces, they can create a dangerous environment under your house or near your ducts, carrying diseases throughout the air. Proper insulation keeps homes warm. This is why we offer crawl space insulation replacement services in San Jose, CA. Able to replace any amount of loose-fill, batts, rolls, foam boards, vapor barriers, and spray foam for crawl spaces of any size, our team uses the latest technology and methodology to remove and replace home insulation.

Attic Services in San Jose - Attic Insulation Installation
Attic Services in San Jose - Thermal Imaging
Attic Services in San Jose - Attic Insulation Removal

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For stellar attic and crawl spaces contracting services in San Jose and the surrounding California Bay Area, call (408) 709-1002 today for your free quote. We will come and inspect the situation and openly discuss options, strategies, and what problems require immediate attention. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that all rodents will be kept out of homes for an indefinite amount of time. If you have a rodent issue at any time in the future, we will come back and fix all the issues, removing the rodent problem entirely. Call us.

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This company performed an excellent job, eliminating our roof rat invasion in an efficient manner. The price was not inexpensive, but the work was extensive and very thorough. They also provided guarantee.

-Swanton J.

They were professional, punctual and very accommodating to our schedule. Every crew member and supervisor was easy to work with and listened to our concerns and questions with the rodent problem our new home presented.

I wish all contractors were as easy to work with as these guys.

-Camille H.

These guys are AMAZING!! They really saved our health and our sanity! The owner really knows what he's talking about, is extremely thorough and seems very honest.

-Maria H.

I recently contacted different companies for rodent problem. And I went with Attic Contractors San Jose and wasn't disappointed. They gave us good pricing for quality work.

-Jimena C.

I noticed the temperature fluctuating as I go to different rooms in my house, I also was a little worried that maybe there was a hole somewhere in my roof. I checked it out but it turned out my insulation was in terrible condition moldy dusty and worn out. I was dreading another costly repair but a friend of mine recommended Issac and his team so I gave them a call. I was relieved that they were affordable and their service was excellent I didn't even deal with any mess or not so friendly workers in my house I am very satisfied with the service I got from Attic Contractors San Jose.

-Brian Y.